Shetland or Shetlandic is the Scots dialect spoken on the Shetland Isles. It has strong Scandinavian influences from Norn, an extinct language which was spoken on Shetland until the early nineteenth century. A variety of accents and vocabulary can be heard across the different of islands of Shetland.

There is a long tradition of writing in Shetlandic. Christine De Luca is a prolific poet and well-known exponent of this rich dialect of Scots. For more of her writing, visit

Magnus, da Yöl Pony by Christine De Luca

Santy cam in trowe da lambie-hoose door

whaar Magnus wis neebin his lane.
‘A’m needin dy help, fur een o my deer
is snappered an med himsel lame.’

‘But I canna flee’ said Magnus, ‘in truth
A’m telt dat A’m clushit an crabbit.’
‘Nivver leet’ said auld Santy...

Listen to Christine De Luca reading Magnus, da Yöl Pony.

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Shetland voices

Listen to Jim Moncreiff explaining the thought process behind one of his poems.

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Suzanne Shearer tells Mary Blance about her involvement with the Gunnister Man or GMan project.
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