The dialects

Scots? Aye, fine but which Scots do you mean? Folk in Glasgow talk differently from people in Ayrshire. Aberdeen’s different again and they’ve got a language all of their own on Shetland! How can there be a thing called Scots when there are so many kinds of it?

The fact that Scots contains a number of different dialects does not lessen its claim to be a language. All languages have dialects and the Scots language is no exception. As a result of historical and geographical differences, the Scots language boasts a rich variety of dialects.

Four dialects are featured in this module but other dialects include Dundonian, Edinburgh, Fife, Caithness, Orcadian, Border Scots and Galloway Irish.

By valuing each dialect equally, we can help our young people to respect the way other people in Scotland speak and learn about their own and other cultures and communities.

‘The languages, dialects and literature of Scotland provide a rich resource for children and young people to learn about Scotland’s culture, identity and language.’

Literacy and English: Principles and practice, Curriculum for Excellence.